Europe’s Scorching Heatwave Forces Germany to Impose Autobahn Speed Limits

A blistering heatwave prompted Germany to impose speed restrictions on usually limit-free stretches of its high-speed motorways Wednesday, the latest sign of extreme weather events ruffling Europe’s largest economy. State authorities are reducing speeds to as low as 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) on some stretches because of fears that the unusually […]

Should Alexa Provide Evidence In Court? German Security Chiefs Say Yes.

Smart home devices such as Amazon’s Echo and virtual assistants such as Alexa or Apple’s Siri can provide a lot of information about a person–when they’re at home, what they’re interested in and potentially even what they’re saying. So it’s no surprise that criminal investigators are interested in their potential. In Germany, the issue is […]

Heavy Fines and Kindergarten Bans: Measles Vaccination Campaigns Are Escalating in Europe

Germany may adopt the strictest stance on measles vaccines in Western Europe–and certainly one that goes beyond current requirements in most of the United States. On Sunday, German Health Minister Jens Spahn proposed a new law that would see parents fined up to EUR2,500 ($2,800) for failing to vaccinate their children against measles. Unvaccinated kids […]

They’re the World’s Best Recyclers. Even They’re Confounded by the Scourge of Plastic 

Jillian York thought she knew how to recycle. After all, she had spent a childhood diligently recycling in New Hampshire, and was living in San Francisco. But when she moved to Berlin in 2013, she faced an urgent question. Where do the glass bottles go? The paper and plastic was simple enough: collect and sort […]

German Whiskey Distillers Are Starting to Hit Their Stride

Whiskey has become big business–now even with its own investment fund. One of the places the fund may be looking at is up-and-comer Germany. The German brewing industry’s spirits are up, according to the Associated Press. Whiskeys from the region aren’t well known in other countries–production was worth $13.1 million in 2017, compared to Scotland, […]

Germany’s 5G Spectrum Auctions Begin, Powered by Fax Machines

Europe’s largest economy is taking its first steps towards building a next-generation mobile network. Germany’s 5G bandwidth spectrum auctions began Tuesday morning at the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) in Bonn, with four telecoms companies bidding on 41 spectrum bundles. Just as 4G networks made it possible for smartphones to become a part of our everyday […]

Germany Pushes for Deutsche Bank-Commerzbank Merger As It Seeks a National Banking Champion

After years of speculation, Germany’s two biggest lenders, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, have formally decided to begin discussing a potential merger. The tie-up between the struggling banks could create a national banking champion–or just a larger struggling bank. The banks announced the talks Sunday. “The management board of Deutsche Bank is focused on improving the […]

U.S. Tells Germany to Drop Huawei or Face a Cut in Intelligence Sharing

If Germany builds its 5G network using Huawei huawei technology, the U.S. will limit the intelligence it shares. That was the message delivered by Washington’s ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, in a letter to German economics minister Peter Altmaier, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The correspondence added that if Germany uses Huawei or any […]

U.S. Preparing to Take a Tougher Stance on German-Russian Gas Pipeline

The Trump administration is readying a tough stance against a Russian gas pipeline with sanctions, according to the Wall Street Journal. The move is driving tensions between the U.S., Germany, and other parts of the EU. The reason is a combination of geopolitics and competition in selling natural gas. At the center of the current […]

A Top Garden Gnome Maker Needs a Successor—But No One Is Calling

A German company that has been producing garden gnomes for 145 years is at risk of shuttering its doors if its owner can’t find a successor. In an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, Reinhard Griebel, owner of Philipp Griebel, said that time is running out on his business. He joked with that if he can’t […]