How Your Privacy Will Be Protected in the 2020 Census

Every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a nationwide survey that sets the terms for the country’s democracy. The questionnaire yields rich data, including people’s names, street addresses, ages, races, ethnicities, and other details. People’s responses help determine dynamics of power, such as how seats are apportioned in the House of Representatives, where voting […]

The Race Is on to Build a Better Battery

At first glance, all seems serene on a spring morning at the research-and-development campus of SK Innovation, one of Korea’s biggest industrial conglomerates. The campus sits in Daejeon, a tidy, planned city an hour’s high-speed-train ride south of Seoul that the national government has built up as a technology hub. Dotting SK’s rolling acres are […]

Skunkworks: Inside the Innovation Labs of 3 Fortune 500 Companies

Facebook’s AI Research lab, housed in a former conference room that overlooks an entrance to the company’s headquarters, whirs with robot arms, legs, and 3-D printers (to prototype parts and playthings).Photographed by Spencer Lowell for Fortune That’s why Daisy’s stroll along a dusty path is so significant. Introducing the A.I. to “noise”–like bumps in the […]